3 Crypto Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

3 Crypto Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

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May 23rd, 2022

3 Crypto Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

Launching a crypto project for your brand does not only require you to get the details of the project right – but you also need to market it.

There is huge competition in the crypto space right now. According to Allied Market Research, globally, the crypto market size reached a value of $1.49 billion in 2020. And this is forecast to over double, to $4.94 billion by 2030. 

A few quick Facebook ads and some creative copy are not enough to market your crypto project to success. You will need a foolproof marketing strategy that understands the audiences you are marketing to and how to build trust with customers. 

In this post, we will discuss three key marketing strategies you need to use when marketing your crypto project. Take your brand's crypto project from being a nice idea to becoming the latest trend. 


Strategy 1: Working With Crypto And Finance Influencers


When you first launch a crypto project one of the hardest tasks is to get exposure. You have to spend a lot of time and resources developing this great project but how do you get people talking about it?

Building partnerships with influencers in the crypto and finance space is a great way to create buzz about your project. 

The influencers you will want to work with will depend on the type of project you have created and what audiences will be most interested in it. By building influencer partnerships you can tap into a crypto or finance influencers’ established audience. You can reach this established new audience of relevant potential customers and piggyback off of the influencer's trust to establish a good relationship from the first encounter. 

Top Tip: Remember that most crypto and finance influencers work on platforms like YouTube and Twitter so you may want to build a presence on these platforms to get the most out of your partnership. 


Strategy 2: Market To General Population


The majority of the world is not rich and highly educated. Crypto can be a complicated topic and when marketing a crypto project a key part of your strategy needs to include everyone. By creating a tone of voice that's welcoming and using language that is not overly technical, you can quickly reach larger audiences who may feel alienated by other crypto projects. 

According to the Boring Company, around 12% of adults in the UK aged 45 and under now own crypto assets. This is double what it was last year.

Interest in crypto is growing and it's growing across all demographics. However, it is still far from being so mainstream that everyone is involved. 

One of the biggest barriers to entry for many is they simply don't understand the technology. By using simple language in your marketing and covering the points that everyday people will care about you can attract these audiences that are interested in crypto but don't know where to start. 


Strategy 3: Building a Positive and Sustainable Brand Image


Many brands that jump into a crypto project want to see fast results. One key marketing strategy that you need to consider and be aware of is long-term and sustainable growth. 

This is especially true with the first strategy we mentioned. You can create an influencer partnership and promote your product for a month but that will not deliver the results you want. 

Consistent marketing works a lot better than one-shot campaigns. The reason for this is that people want to live an experience with your brand and with influencers. 

They want to see that influencers are actively using your product or involved in your project. They want to have the time to establish that the influencer you are working with is not simply involved in the project for a paycheck but that they also use and believe in the product. 

When creating the marketing strategies you need to think long-term and how your content and partnerships can be used to create a sustainable brand image. 

Crypto is already a space where there is an inherent lack of trust. For marketers this is a big challenge to overcome and focusing on the long-term is one way to deal with it. By looking to the future with your campaigns you can ensure that you don't launch a campaign or partnership that will not fall out of line with your brand a year down the line. 


To Sum Up


Launching a crypto project has to come with a thorough marketing strategy. Crypto is already a space where there is a lack of trust and high competition so how you market your project can make or break its success. Follow the above strategies and watch buzz build around your project. 


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