4 of the Best NFT Drop Strategies for Maximum Impact

4 of the Best NFT Drop Strategies for Maximum Impact

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July 7th, 2022

4 of the Best NFT Drop Strategies for Maximum Impact

The NFT market is flourishing. Nearly $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on the NFT marketplaces in 2021. 

Your brand probably wants to take its share of this very lucrative pie and has created its own NFTs for your audience. 

But maybe your launch didn't go as planned? Or you are about to launch and want to make sure that your NFTs reach the greatest success possible.

In this blog, we are going to share 4 NFT drop strategies that will make sure your next NFT launch has the maximum impact.


Use Calendar Platforms


Using NFT calendar platforms is our top tip because it's so impactful and used by so few. 

You can list your NFT drop on a calendar platform to grab the attention of interested parties. Both buyers and sellers use these platforms and they can have very large userbases. 

This is a simple way to get your NFT drop in front of new people. And these audiences are actively engaged in the NFT community and therefore have a greater possibility of being interested in your drop.

Some examples of NFT calendar platforms that you can promote your drop on include:


Collaborate With Influencers


Influencer partnerships provide several things for your NFT drop. 

The first is credibility. If this is one of the first NFT drops for your brand, you may find that audiences are skeptical. According to Bitcoin.com, 48% of people think NFTs are a “good and safe investment.” 

However, even within this group, many are cautious about how they invest due to the number of scams that have taken place in the NFT space. 

By partnering with an influencer you increase your legitimacy. Audiences will trust this influencer and will believe they have done their research into your brand before partnering with you. The audience will feel that the influencer would not lead them astray and promote a bad investment.

The second benefit of an influencer partnership is audience reach. 

Your NFT drop will get promoted to the influencer's audience. If you choose the right influencer, this will be an engaged audience with an interest in NFTs. This will be a new audience that you might not have otherwise reached and means exposure to a specific group of potential consumers. The increased reach will help make your NFT drop a success. 

Even with the “ad” or “paid promotion” tags under their posts, audiences trust influencers and the products they endorse. This power may be used by your brands to attract new audiences, investors, and eyes.


Press Releases 


Press releases are an NFT drop tactic that is often overlooked. Some marketers see press releases as an outdated form of marketing but they can be extremely helpful in creating excitement around your drop. 

With a press release, you can reach out to NFT-related outlets to publish news about your NFT drop.

To get the attention of journalists you need to create a press release with an engaging story. 

You need to make your content read organically and not seem too sponsored. 

A PR agency would be worth reaching out to if your brand has little or no experience with writing press releases.  


Create Educational Videos


Educational content is a longer strategy for NFT drops. This is something you can do if you know that you will have many drops coming in the future. 

Your brand can create short and long-form video content that can be shared on YouTube. Creating content that educates audiences about NFTs helps you establish your brand as legitimate and become a familiar name with audiences as they enter the NFT space.

These audiences can then buy your NFTs as they start investing. You can also highlight your own NFTs in your educational content and explain why they are good investments.


To Sum Up 


No matter the type of NFT you are launching, creating a powerful marketing campaign essential to making your drop a success. By using calendar platforms, collaborating with influencers, issuing press releases and creating educational content your build legitimacy around your NFT and reach a larger audience which means more potential buyers. 


See inspirations here:


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