5 Best Metaverse Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Project

5 Best Metaverse Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Project

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July 11th, 2022

5 Best Metaverse Marketing Techniques to Promote Your Project

The metaverse has gripped the entire world. Gartner recently named the metaverse as one of the top five emerging trends and technologies for 2022.

Some brands are still exploring what the metaverse has to offer. Or hedging their bets and waiting to see if the hype will continue. However, forward-thinking brands have already started to capitalise on the metaverse. 

Citi has forecast that the value of Metaverse and Web3 will rise to a massive $13 trillion by 2023. 

The metaverse offers some huge opportunities for your brand as it launches new products and projects. 

For example, in the metaverse you have:

So now we’ve covered why you would want to launch your project in the metaverse, let's now think about the best tactics for doing so.


Community Building 


The metaverse is basically decentralized. 

Your brand has the perfect opportunity to harness the power of the digital community within the metaverse.

You can collaborate with other brands, artists, influencers and more to boost brand awareness and your reputation.

By entering a new community within the metaverse through an introduction from someone who is already established in that community you start building relationships with a head start. You piggyback off the established trust of your co-creator or influencer and then build your presence within the community.   


Live Video Selling


Live video selling is a creative combination of live video streaming combined with sales.

You can do live video selling in the metaverse which can instantly add value to your project and conveniently show users what you have to offer.

Hybrid selling strategies are becoming a common offering in the metaverse and can also use AI that processes real-time data. 

You can later use this data to further promote your project and predict the appropriate action that will push each lead through your sales funnel. 

Having trouble wrapping your head around how live video selling works in the metaverse? You can check out this example from Bambuser and Samsung Nordic who hosted a live video shopping event with a virtual influence in the metaverse


Virtual Events


Metaverse users want immersive experiences – give them one. 

There are so many creative and effective ways you can create immersive virtual events for your audience.

For example, live concerts have been massively successful such as the Travis Scott Fortnite concert that was attended by 12.3 million users

Another great example of a virtual event is the Decentraland fashion week which was attended by brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana. 

Real Estate Locations in Metaverse

Another marketing strategy that you can use to promote your project is to purchase virtual real estate in the metaverse. Having a virtual location where users can come to visit your brand is great for building relationships with users. 

You can hold virtual events in your ‘property’ and create unique experiences for users to attend. 

By having a virtual property you open up the possibility for audiences across the world to connect with you in a way they never could in real life. Your virtual storefront, offices, or other branded location becomes open to everyone in every country on the planet, not simply those who are located close to you, like with physical properties. 


Join The Real World and The Virtual 


Launching and marketing your project in the metaverse does not mean you have to do  everything differently than you are in the real world. 

A good starting point for many brands and their projects is to simply replicate your real-world for the virtual world. 

Create virtual versions of your projects rather than trying to start with something completely new. This will help you adjust and learn fast how to navigate marketing in the metaverse while also allowing you an authentic way for your brand to establish your presence in this virtual space. 


To Sum Up


Marketing in the mateverse is a complex and deep subject that requires a lot of attention and expertise.

It is not as simple as logging into a virtual space and hoping for the best. With the right strategies that are thought through and use all that the metaverse has to offer you can start a journey of tremendous growth through metaverse marketing. 


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