Email Marketing Strategies for Crypto, NFT, and Web3 Projects

Email Marketing Strategies for Crypto, NFT, and Web3 Projects

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June 21st, 2022

Email Marketing Strategies for Crypto, NFT, and Web3 Projects

Email marketing can sometimes get a bad rep. It can be seen as outdated and irrelevant compared to more modern marketing techniques. 

For crypto, NFT, and all things web 3.0 this reputation that email marketing has can be off-putting. 

You are working on a project, or your entire brand is centred around emerging technologies. So why would you want to use this outdated marketing technique?

The truth of it is that email marketing is not outdated at all. According to Campaign Manager, IT/Tech/Software has an email open rate of 22.7% and a CTR of 2.0%. 

This is higher than in numerous other industries and presents a better ROI than many other marketing strategies. 

Decentralised finance (DeFi), metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and play-to-earn blockchain games, can all benefit from including email marketing in promoting their project. 

If you don't know where to start, then this article is for you.

We are going to cover three top email marketing strategies specifically aimed at all things crypto, NFT, blockchain, and web 3.0. 


Finding the Right Email Service Provider


The first step to successful email marketing for anything in the crypto/NFT/blockchain space is to find the right ESP (email service provider).

This is particularly important because some of the larger providers, such as Mailchimp, have banned accounts that promote cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Find yourself a verified ESP. Check their acceptable use policy and guidelines to make sure that your brand and project will comply. You should also check the platform has all of the features you need to deliver a successful email marketing campaign. 


Build Don't Buy


If you are a startup or you don't have an established audience for your project, it can be tempting to buy an email list. 

Buying a huge list of emails, rather than starting from zero seems like a better option. You don't have to wait for people to discover your project or crypto website

However, this tactic will not deliver the long-term results you want. Cryptos and NFTs already have reputational issues to overcome. 

For example, research from YouGov has found that overall, if a company started offering NFTs, 27% of respondents would feel ‘much less favourable,’ towards it, and a further 16% would feel 'slightly less favourable'.

There is already a slight consumer distrust towards NFTs and crypto. This is exacerbated if you spam cold audiences in their inbox. Instead, build your own list with genuinely interested audiences.  

You need to make sure you are gaining people’s consent to send them emails. You can have a signup box to get your website visitors to subscribe. You can also add a signup form link on social or run giveaways on social media in return for subscribing.


Get The Frequency Right


Email marketing must walk a fine line of keeping in regular contact but not overwhelming respondents. 

Daily emails will not only be too much for the audience, but they will also be too much for your marketing team to handle.

However, if you only send monthly emails then your respondents might forget about you and not remain engaged. 

It is also important to remember that audiences (in general) need from 2 to 4 weeks to decide on whether to invest in your project or not. 

You need to keep in touch with prospects in the first 2-4 weeks more regularly. For example, sending welcome emails, introducing them to your brand, and how to navigate your website etc. 

A good frequency for an email in the tech space is 1-2 a week. This will also depend on what your marketing team can reasonably handle. 


To Sum Up


Email marketing has proven to be a great strategy for all industries – including tech and IT – time and time again. To make sure your campaigns are the most effective, you must tailor your strategy to your project. For example, if you are promoting an ICO you have to carefully consider your ESP. You must then make sure that you build an engaged list and keep regular emails going out. 


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