How to Find the Right Influencer for your Blockchain Business

How to Find the Right Influencer for your Blockchain Business

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June 14th, 2022

How to Find the Right Influencer for your Blockchain Business

We have been talking about influencer marketing a lot recently on the blog. From gaming influencers to crypto influencers, and today we are talking about blockchain influencers.

You probably already know why you should be working with influencers. But the problem is that not all influencers were created equal. It is not as simple as picking a random YouTuber and you will see a rise in brand awareness and interest in your product.

You need to be tactical. You have to find the right influencer that will speak to an audience that will be interested in your product, fits your budget, and has the right creative talent to create content about your product.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how to find the perfect influencer for your blockchain business to work with. 


Avoiding Scammers 


Before we jump into finding the perfect blockchain influencer, we must first cover who you should avoid. 

Unfortunately, influencer scams are real  – especially in the crypto and blockchain space. Marketing in crypto is a real problem. Scammers know that many businesses in the blockchain don't have much idea of what they should be doing when it comes to marketing. They take advantage of that fact to scam companies into thinking they are influencers.

Some behaviours to watch out for include: 

The first step to avoiding scams is being aware that they exist.

Now you know what to avoid, let's look at how you can start your search for the right influencer for your blockchain brand. 


Step 1: Define Your Goals 


The first step in any influencer marketing campaign – for a blockchain business or any other industry – should always be to define your goals.

Having a clear goal in mind will help you efficiently complete the next steps in this list. 

For example, your goal may be to attract high-quality customers who want to use your blockchain product. For this type of campaign, you can then create lead-generating content for your brand by collaborating with micro-influencers. 

In contrast, if your goal is to raise awareness of your blockchain brand, you can work with macro or mega influencers to reach a larger audience.  


Step 2: Pick The Right Platform


Choosing the right platform for your campaign might not be as simple as you think. There are three main social platforms that dominate the blockchain/crypto space – Twitter, YouTube and Telegram. 

You want to focus on a platform where your audience spends a lot of time but also one that aligns with your goals. Certain platforms are better for creating certain types of content. You, therefore, have to be thoughtful about finding the balance between reaching your audience and creating effective content for your goal. 

For example, if you want to build buzz around your blockchain project, you can partner with the top crypto and blockchain influencers on Twitter. 

If your goal is to reach a small and specific community, you may find that partnering with telegram influencers is the best option. 

Telegram is an excellent platform that is often overlooked in influencer marketing. But it has powerful communities and highly-engaged crowds. This makes it great for building relationships with highly targeted audiences. 


Step 3: Focus On Authority and Authenticity 


Authority and authenticity are two of the most important characteristics you are looking for in a blockchain influencer. 

It is critical that you find an influencer that shares your brand values and with whom your partnership will be authentic. If your blockchain product and values do not align with previous comments that an influencer has made, audiences will immediately see your campaign as ingenuine and this will hurt your reputation (and that of the influencer). 

The influencer also needs to have authority in the blockchain space. They must have real knowledge and be able to understand your product and business. 


Step 4: Remember That Numbers Aren't Everything 


A major mistake that those new to influencer marketing make is that they focus too much on the numbers. The bigger the following, the better the results, right? Wrong.

An influencer with 150k followers on Twitter may have a larger following but that audience is broader. They may therefore have a wider variety of content and many in their audience who are not going to be interested in your brand. 

However, a smaller influencer with a 5k following who is deeply interested in a specific area of blockchain that is highly relevant to your brand will deliver better results to a smaller but more engaged audience. 


To Sum Up 


Blockchain and crypto influencers can take on a big role in determining a positive outcome for marketing your blockchain business. 

You need to make sure that your focus is on finding influencers relevant to your brand and ones with a lot of authority. Choosing the right influencers is a challenging task and it is always better to take your time to form the right partnership that will deliver results rather than rush into a campaign simply because an influencer has a large following. 


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