Sneaky Hacks to Grow Your Blockchain Community on Twitter

Sneaky Hacks to Grow Your Blockchain Community on Twitter

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July 5th, 2022

Sneaky Hacks to Grow Your Blockchain Community on Twitter

Twitter has become one of the primary platforms for discussion about all things crypto and blockchain. 

According to data that Twitter shared with Hypebeast in March 2022, there have been over 1 billion tweets made about crypto since 2020.

The data showed that the most shared topics around blockchain and crypto include:

Blockchain and crypto have seen a mainstream boom over the past few years. And the mainstream social platform that people are using to discuss these topics is Twitter. 

If your brand wants to establish a blockchain community to help promote your products, then Twitter could be the perfect place to do it.

In this post, we will share some sneaky hacks that will help you grow your Twitter blockchain community. 


Embrace Influencer Marketing


We have talked a lot about influencer marketing on the blog recently. That's because it is a key strategy in growing any blockchain, NFT, or crypto brand.

Learn more: How to Find the Right Influencer for your Blockchain Business

If you work in the blockchain, you will see how consumer trust in crypto, NFTs, and other spaces have fallen recently. Influencers can allow your brand to piggyback on already established trust and get your foot in the door with new audiences. 

Finding relevant blockchain influencers on Twitter and getting them to join your blockchain community can entice their audience to do the same. 

Top Tip: You aren’t searching for mega-celebrities like Elon Musk. Micro-influencers in the crypto space can be more effective brand supporters.


Run Twitter Contests 


Running giveaways and airdrops on Twitter is a great tactic for increasing your Twitter following and building your blockchain community.

Blockchain and crypto brands often find this tactic helpful during their IDO or ICO launch. When your brand is launching you often have a small following and no established brand awareness to build on.

You can incentivise users to follow your account by giving away free tokens to followers. You can also do a big prize giveaway that every person who retweets the content will be entered into.  

Top Tip: You can combine this tactic with the influencer marketing mentioned above by getting influencers to promote your giveaway.  


Use Twitters Wide Range of Functions 


Twitter is a platform that has embraced the blockchain and crypto communities that use it. 

As such, there are great features that are available to your brand, your audience and the influencers you work with.

For example, Twitter allows creators to get tipped in Bitcoin, you can display your NFTs as a profile picture (referred to in the community as PFPs). Your audience can also display the NFTs they buy from you as their profile picture.

Crypto wallets can be linked to Twitter for easy authentication. 

In 2020, Spaces was also launched. This is a live audio chat room feature. It has become popular in the blockchain and crypto space as it allows for expanded dialogue about these sometimes complicated topics.  

Top Tip: Invite an influencer to participate in a Spaces conversation that you host.


To Sum Up 


Having a well-crafted Twitter marketing strategy can help your blockchain community grow. There is a lot of generic advice out there about how to grow a Twitter community but these specific steps give you actionable advice that your brand can take. 

To make the most of your Twitter marketing, you need to have clear goals and use influencers, different forms of content, and giveaways to reach them. 

By following these tactics your account will attract a larger audience. You can grow your community on crypto Twitter and use this following to build awareness and generate leads.

If you want to let the world know about your blockchain project, Twitter is the place to tell them. Your blockchain project could go viral in a second with simply a retweet from an influencer, an explosion in interest in a giveaway or because you contributed something during a Spaces conversation. 


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