The 5 Best Discord Bots for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The 5 Best Discord Bots for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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July 15th, 2022

The 5 Best Discord Bots for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If Discord is a part of your social media strategy – which it should be – then you know that managing a Discord server can become a lot of work. It is often too much for one marketer to handle on their own. This is why you can benefit from using Discord bots.

What are Discord bots, how do you install them, and which ones are worth using? Those are the questions we are going to be answering in this blog post. 


What Are Discord Bots?


A Discord bot is an AI program that works on your server, automating functions or adding functionality so that your server is easier to manage. 

A bot takes a task that you would otherwise have to do manually and makes it automated with AI. This saves you a lot of time in managing your server and is why bots have become so popular with Discord admins. 


Adding A Discord Bot To Your Server


Once you have a Discord bot you want to add to your server, you then have to install it. 

This process is very simple. 

  1. You simply select the bot that you want to add (such as one of those mentioned below).
  2. Google the name of the bot + discord server.  
  3. You should then be delivered results with the landing page for the respective bot. 
  4. Click on the landing page and then click on the add button. 
  5. You then select your server

An important thing to note is that you can only add bots to servers where you have admin or moderator access. 

When you want to remove the bot, then move to the admin server list.

Here you will see a list of added bots. Simply select the bot you want to remove and click Remove. 


5 Of The Best Discord Bots for Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Here are five great Discord bots every marketer can use: 


1. MEE6

MEE6 will be one of the first Discord bots recommended to you by almost anyone you ask. And there is a reason. It is one of the most comprehensive Discord bots, making it a must-have for any digital marketer running a Discord server.  

Features vary and include everything from playing music to integrating with YouTube. However, the main function, that will be of most interest to marketers, is moderation.

When you start growing your Discord server, you will quickly see that managing large groups of users becomes difficult. Probably a small group of them may cause some problems on the server. This can be anything from spamming the chat to using offensive language. 

When users break the rules of your server, you want to be able to handle it quickly. Removing the comments from the chat or removing the user altogether. Having a reliable moderator, which MEE6 is, can help you handle these issues quickly, and give you peace of mind knowing none of them will slip through the net.   


2. GiveawayBot

Giveaways are a great marketing strategy on any social media platform, and Discord is no exception. 

Giveaways are great for your brand for a few reasons. Often they are conducted in such a  way that they build awareness for your brand. They also help you build a better reputation with your channel users, as they see you as generous for holding a giveaway. 

Giveaway bot makes hosting a giveaway simple. Like ridiculously simple. You add the bot to your server and follow the very easy-to-understand instructions for setting up your giveaway. 


3. Dank Memer

Any Discord channel that is not full of memes is probably not a Discord channel worth joining. 

Dank Memer gives your channel the ability to use numerous commands. In fact, there are 100+ meme-related commands. 

With Dank Memer your Discord channel gets a bot with commands that make it easy to add the perfect meme or create your own memes. There is also a currency element included that lets your users earn coins through gambling, stealing from other users, and more. The currency can be used to buy items from the bot shop.


4. ProBot

Every Discord channel should have a welcome message. When a new user joins you want to welcome them to your community, tell them the rules and maybe even ask them a question and get them to introduce themselves. 


5. Octave

Whether you have been using Discord in your marketing for a day or for a year you will have noticed that music is a big deal on Discord servers.

Octave is a popular Discord bot that lets you play songs from YouTube or Soundcloud. You can create playlists, pause, replay, and queue songs.


To Sum Up 


Discord bots are a powerful way to boost your social media marketing. They can save you a lot of time and stress by automating processes on your server but they can also improve the experience for users by adding features such as music and memes. By using Discord bots you will be able to create an engaging environment for your users to keep them interested and present on your server. 


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