Video Marketing: Tips For Creating Reels and TikToks to Promote Your New Game

Video Marketing: Tips For Creating Reels and TikToks to Promote Your New Game

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July 19th, 2022

Video Marketing: Tips For Creating Reels and TikToks to Promote Your New Game

In 2020, there were over 2.69 billion video game players worldwide. Gaming is huge, and it's having a huge influence on culture and trends. 

But with greater popularity, comes greater competition. There are more video game creators than ever before. So how can you be sure that when you launch a new video game, it will be successful?

Well, the first step is marketing it. And one of the most powerful marketing tools available for video game creators is video marketing. Specifically, short-form videos that can be shared on TikTok and Instagram. 

In this blog, we are going to show you our top tips for creating Reels and TikToks to promote your video game. 


Get the Basics Right


Before you get to successfully launching a video marketing strategy you need to make sure that you can check these items off.


Get to the Point – FAST


When users are on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram, they are swiping quickly through videos. You have to hook them fast. 

In the first second, you need to convince users that they should keep watching the rest of your video. If you don't get to the point fast, you will have lost them and they will have swiped onto the next video. 

Your Reels and TikToks should never require context. You need to make your videos assuming that whoever is watching them has no idea who you are. They don't know your gaming brand, your games or anything about you.


Make a Seamless Loop  


A seamless loop is a much-underrated aspect of TikToks and Reels. 

Completed views (watching the video from start to finish) are an important metric that both platforms use for distributing content. 

Having a seamless loop can lead to users re-watching your video multiple times which counts as multiple views and can help you go viral. 


Don’t Repost Your Trailer


You need to make custom videos for both Instagram and TikTok. Don't just take your trailer and repost it. 

You need to create content that is in the right format for each platform and that is unique for that audience. 


Include a CTA


Every Reel and TikTok needs a CTA to finish.

This can be something like “follow me for X incentive”. For example, tips on XX games, funny gamer videos, or whatever it is going to be that makes your account unique. 

​​Your CTA needs to be big and clear. It should stay on screen for 2-3 seconds, giving users enough time to read it. 

You also want to be responsive to comments. You can answer questions and give a CTA such as “follow me for more” or “join my Discord server”. 


Trending Music


The last tip for creating Reels and Tiktok that will help you promote your new video game is to include trending music. 

Pick music that fits the vibe of your game and that is currently trending on TikTok or Instagram. This makes it easy for users to find your videos and it is always good to keep on top of current trends. 


To Sum Up


Reels and TikTox are the perfect marketing tool to promote your video game. But only when they are done right. Follow the tips above and create short, snappy videos with CTAs and trending music and you will find you have a winning formula for your video games success. 


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