What Do Gen Z Want to See From Brands As The Metaverse Grows?

What Do Gen Z Want to See From Brands As The Metaverse Grows?

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July 1st, 2022

What Do Gen Z Want to See From Brands As The Metaverse Grows?

A Vice Media Group study found that 52% of Gen Z gamers feel more like themselves in the metaverse than in real life.

Gen Z is a digital native generation. They not only embrace and immerse themselves in new technologies such as the metaverse, but they also have aspirations tied to these online spaces.

Over half of Gen Z gamers reported that they would like to make money in the metaverse and one-third want to build a career there. 

As Gen Z develops a greater connection with their online identities, brands need to consider how this impacts their interactions in the metaverse.

Gen Z has expectations from brands within games and other areas of the metaverse. In this  

blog post, we are going to look at what those expectations are and how your brand can meet them. 


What Do Gen Z Want to See From Brands in the Metaverse?


The Vice report showed a lot of interesting findings. Brands can take this information and understand that they have the opportunity to empower Gen Z’s love of the virtual world, and their ability to fuel their self-expression. In turn, this can build greater brand loyalty with Gen Z audiences. 


Gen Z and Gaming in the Metaverse


One of the key areas of the metaverse that many marketers are focusing on is gaming. 

Gaming in virtual metaverse worlds has taken off with Gen Z. Major brands have noticed this trend and started to use it to their advantage by reaching Gen Z audiences where they are comfortable and socialising. 

For example, the luxury fashion brand, Gucci launched the Gucci Garden in May of 2021. It was a two-week art installation within the metaverse world Roblox. The aim of the campaign was to raise brand awareness among young customers, with the metaverse world of Roblox. 

When entering the virtual garden, users could view, try on and purchase digital Gucci products. These products could be worn by their avatars and they were also able to explore the garden’s themed rooms.

Gaming offers a fresh way for brands to reach this generation – but you need to do it right.

Within games, Gen Z users want to see the following from brands:


Gen Z Buying Branded Products For Avatars


Building on what we have looked at above, there is a clear indication that brands can go wrong, or be unwelcome in metaverse spaces by some Gen Z users.

As such, brands need to choose their marketing strategies carefully. For example, free products and experiences and a great way to build connections with Gen Z as these are things they actively want to see.

This is what Gucci did with its garden in Roblox, providing digital products for avatars and a free experience to enjoy.

Other research supports this idea. According to YPulse's Metaverse Trend Report, the majority of Gen Z consumers who play virtual games such as those in the metaverse said that they would be interested in buying branded clothing when they see other avatars wearing it. 

Brands of all kinds can create merch for avatars. Whether you are in fashion or not, you can create items of clothing or accessories that Gen Z audiences can wear. 

A great tactic to build hype around your brand is to give away free items. This results in numerous avatars wearing your products and creating excitement and interest around your brand. 

Creating events or experiences within the metaverse to align with your clothing or product launch, further appeals to Gen Z. 


To Sum Up 


Gen Z has a reputation of being difficult to market to. But marketers simply need to reach them where they are. Gen Z will be one of the most prominent generations in the metaverse, but they are expecting different brand interaction there than what we see on other digital platforms.

Your brand needs to be experienced, focused and stay on top of trends. Digital goods – especially clothing and accessories – help Gen Z metaverse avatars display their personalities and interests. As such by having virtual products for avatars to wear, you can build your loyalty amongst this generation.


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