Why did you create Streams?

Our mission is to make Content Marketing Better. Sourcing high quality content to share is time consuming. We wanted make content curation as quick and simple as possible.

What does it do?

Our powerful content search tool and ability to track and receive alerts around your search terms make it easy to keep your audience updated with fresh and relevant content they want to engage with.

With Streams, content curation becomes simple, and sourcing content is fast, freeing up your marketing team to take on other tasks and run other campaigns.

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial before you buy any of our subscriptions. Our trials last for 14 days. Go get some content!

How does your search work?

Our content curation tool scours the web, searching through hundreds of thousands of sites to bring you only the best content.

The powerful search tools allow you to highly customise your search terms. You have the ability to include and exclude keywords, and follow specific search terms to be regularly updated with content that matches what you are looking for.

What are Topic Streams?

Topic Streams allow you to track specific keywords or topics across hundreds of thousands of sites. Find amazing and relevant content to share with your audience instantly.

Get content pulled through in one simple to view feed that also provides you with insights such as engagement across channels and content sentiment.

We’ll also be introducing many more features to make the workspaces even more powerful to all our users. We’ve also got easy to understand videos on our site to show you how to use them.

How do I create a Topic Streams?

On the left hand side of the interface click “New Stream”. You have the option for Simple and Advanced. First you need to name your Stream, then add the topic for searching. You also have the ability to exclude certain keywords to make your Streams more accurate.

As soon as you click “Activate Stream” the relevant content will be pulled into your feed and will be updated hourly with the latest content on your topic.

How do I Search?

Search is available on the Advanced Package. You just add the topic or keyword you are interested in and Streams with search hundreds and thousands of sites to bring you relevant content.

How do I Filter?

Streams’ powerful filtering is available across all packages. You can filter by Social Shareability, engagement & scoring across Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. This also includes time, location & insight type.

What insight can I see?

You can access valuable insights across all of the content found in your Topic Streams. The insight will reveal content scoring, social sharing, Sentiment and in depth Keyword analysis.

You can see the Topic Insight whenever you click to view a specific piece of content.

How does publishing work?

You can curate publishing content within our content tool. When you click publish on a piece of content you have the ability to edit the content to your look, feel and writing style. The tool will automatically help you make your content as SEO friendly as possible. This is only available on the Advanced package. Coming soon - you will have the ability to link directly to your preferred blogging platform.

What are workspaces?

Workspaces are where you can bookmark all of your great content ideas. You can also create team workspaces and collaborate with your team members. Don’t worry if you run out of space, you can purchase additional workspaces via our website. Workspaces are limited to 100 pieces of content.

How do I create a workspace?

On the top right of the screen click on the workspaces link. Then simply click “add new” to create and name your workspace.

Found a piece of content you like? Simply click on the bookmark icon, then click save to workspace and select the relevant workspace to add it in.

If you have the advanced package you can share a workspace with other users on your account or make them private simply by clicking the eye icon on the the bottom left hand corner of the workspace. If there’s a line through the eye it’s private and if its open it will be shared with others users on your account.

What are the customised features?

With the Enterprise package our team can work with you to customise Insight, Search, Social Sharing and Publishing features. This will give you a huge competitive advantage. If you are interested in this feature then please contact us.

What are notes?

When you find a piece of content you are interested in. You can also bookmark and add specific notes. These notes are a great way of logging and saving your own comments.

What are the payment options?

You can pay monthly or get a discount for a year. At the moment you can pay by major debit & credit cards when you buy a subscription. If you have issues with payment please contact us and we will help support you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can cancel at anytime. If you do cancel you will lose access to all the workspaces you have created. We will only hold onto these for a limited time.

How does it work with different currencies?

Even though we show our costs in (£GBP) you will be charged at your current exchange rate.

Do you have any limits?

Your search is unlimited. Your Topic Streams and Workspaces are limited to your subscription package. These can be upgraded very easily.

What languages do we support?

You can search for all languages. The best experience is in English and we are working to make all languages work as best as possible.

Advanced upgrade

If you are currently looking to upgrade to the Streams advanced package please contact us at streams.support@mobilestreams.com and we will carry this out for you straight away.

How can I change my plan?

No problem, you can change you plan by emailing us at streams.support@mobilestreams.com

What is your refund policy?

You can ask for a refund for your current month if you ask 48 hours before the transaction. We would also ask that you feedback to us why you would like to cancel so we can make Streams as great to use as possible.

Can I speak to someone?

We want to keep our users happy and help them as much as possible to make great content. You can contact us here to speak to someone if you have any more questions about our plans.

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Help us build the best tool for you

We want to make this tool as great as we can for everyone that works with content. We have launched an open version that we are looking for feedback on. If you have any ideas or feature requests that will help shape the future of Streams then tell us here: