How to search for the best content

You can use Streams’ search functionality if you are signed up to our Advanced Subscription. This crawls our huge database with millions of articles to discover the best content for you.

The search tool is built around keywords and topics. With Streams you don’t need to enter an ‘and”, just enter the specific keywords you are looking for.

Once you’ve clicked search the results with then appear in your feed. This then unlocks the ability to filter your results. You can do this by:

• Total Engagement
• Streams Relevancy Score
• Specific Social Engagement
• Time
• Location
• Insight type

Its best to avoid common mistakes such as using too many keywords, spelling mistakes and long phrases.

If you need to se this type of content on a daily basis, it’s best to activate a Stream with these keywords so you can see results on a daily basis.

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Help us build the best tool for you

We want to make this tool as great as we can for everyone that works with content. We have launched an open version that we are looking for feedback on. If you have any ideas or feature requests that will help shape the future of Streams then tell us here: