How to use Topic Streams

Topic Streams allow you to track specific keywords or topics across hundreds of thousands of sites. Find amazing and relevant content to share with your audience instantly.

Get content pulled through in one simple to view feed that also provides you with insights such as engagement across channels and content sentiment.

How do I create a Topic Stream?

On the left hand side of the interface click “New Stream”. You have the option for Simple and Advanced. First you need to name your Stream, then add the topic for searching. You also have the ability to exclude certain keywords to make your Streams more accurate.

As soon as you click “Activate Stream” the relevant content will be pulled into your feed and will be updated hourly with the latest content on your topic.

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Help us build the best tool for you

We want to make this tool as great as we can for everyone that works with content. We have launched an open version that we are looking for feedback on. If you have any ideas or feature requests that will help shape the future of Streams then tell us here: