How to use workspaces

Workspaces are where you can bookmark all of your great content ideas. You can also create team workspaces and collaborate with your team members. Workspaces are limited to 100 pieces of content. Don’t worry if you run out of space, you can purchase additional workspaces via our website.

Found a piece of content you like? Simply click on the bookmark icon, then click save to workspace and select the relevant workspace to add it in.

If you have the advanced package you can share a workspace with other users on your account or make them private simply by clicking the eye icon on the the bottom left hand corner of the workspace. If there’s a line through the eye it’s private and if its open it will be shared with others users on your account.

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Help us build the best tool for you

We want to make this tool as great as we can for everyone that works with content. We have launched an open version that we are looking for feedback on. If you have any ideas or feature requests that will help shape the future of Streams then tell us here: