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Our users see a massive increase in engagement from their posts across web and social when they share curated content from our marketing tool.

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Find, review, and share top performing content around a specific topic or industry.

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Publish content to all of your social media channels and networks in one place.


Manage Everything in One Place

Streamline your content workflow. Quickly find and distribute content from one simple marketing tool. Content curation no longer needs to take hours of your time and involve logging into multiple platforms. Search, review, gain insights into and publish content to your social media channels and blog in one location.

Keep control of your content marketing and social media strategy.


Why Use Streams Content Curation Tool?

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Save Time

Find amazing and relevant content to share with your audience instantly. Don't spend hours of your time searching the web for high quality content. Get content pulled through in one simple-to-view feed that also provides you with insights such as engagement across channels and content sentiment.

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Build Trust

Grow your influence and build trust with your audience by sharing valuable insights from high-quality and relevant content. Use curated content to re-inforce positions from your original content and to educate your customers. Engage your audience with helpful insights to form a trusting relationship that can lead to sales.

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Become a Thought Leader

Become the go-to source for news and information in your industry. Stand out from your competitors by sharing strategically chosen and informative content that compliments your original content and positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

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Increase in engagement across channels


Reduction in time to source curated content


Increase in sales leads

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Don’t spend hours scouring the web and sharing lackluster content your audience is not interested in.

Finding high-quality content to share with your audience can turn into a full time job for a member of your marketing team when done manually. With Streams, content curation becomes simple and sourcing content is fast, freeing up your marketing team to take on other tasks and run other campaigns.

Our powerful content search tool and ability to track and receive alerts around your search terms make it easy to keep your audience updated with fresh and relevant content they want to engage with.

Key Features

Streams is packed full of handy features to
make finding and distributing top quality content simple and fast.



Our tool scours the web, searching through hundreds of thousands of sites to bring you only the best content. The powerful search tools allow you to highly customise your search terms. You have the ability to include and exclude keywords and follow specific search terms to be regularly updated with content that matches what you are looking for.

Streams Discover


Publish SEO friendly content directly within the tool. The intuitive user interface means that you can search, view and publish content all within one screen, building an efficient workflow.

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Insights Into Content Performance

Get fast and in-depth insights into a piece of content's performance across the web. Content displayed within your topic stream search results provides quick insights without a click-through. You will see immediately displayed helpful, easy to understand insights such as content scoring, social sharing, sentiment and keyword analysis.

New Features

Social Shares

Get fast insights into how content from any website is performing on social networks. Search results include a post preview with title, descriptions and image. You can view their shareability and the level of engagement they have had on individual networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

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One Easy Location

Everything is in one location making workflows fast and simple. Sort through content suggestions, apply unique filters, read full blog posts and articles, add notes to content and publish to your social accounts all from one platform.

New Features

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