Partnering with IGS & Battleriff

24th February 2022

Mobile Streams plc and International Gaming Systems AB (IGS) are delighted to announce they have extended their partnership to launch Battleriff, one of the world's leading global gaming platforms, on

Battleriff has hosted over 3,500 Esports competitions (tournaments/leagues). Some of the most successful ones were the Battleriff Pro League and Invitational Tournaments for Hearthstone. The Battleriff Pro League was run under a licence with Activision Blizzard, awarding top participants an entry into Blizzards top tier Masters Tour competitions. The Invitational Tournaments featured many of the best players in the world and allow up and coming players to have a chance at qualifying and playing against the Pro players. Their website can be found at

This partnership will allow the Company to deliver future Esports tournaments via Battleriff under its IGS partnership deal previously announced on 13 January 2022. This represents the next step in the transformation of the Company into a leading global Esports and content provider and will open up a number of additional opportunities to sell further products to its global audience of over 800 million people. These opportunities will include, but are not limited to: Licensed NFT content, branded merchandise and Skins trading.

Mark Epstein, CEO Mobile Streams plc, said:

"We are delighted to be extending our successful partnership with IGS to include the Battleriff platform. We feel there is enormous scope to grow and our service offering, It is great to see the business developing so well."

Anders Holmstedt, CEO IGS, said:

"We're extremely pleased to be expanding our partnership with Mobile Streams plc, following our successful collaboration on the Besiktas tournament. We can't wait to roll out more services together. We feel there is a huge opportunity to grow revenue and utilise the best of both companies to grow combined global reach. This is just the start"